Noise-canceling wireless headphones are designed to block unwelcomed distractions and provide great high-definition sound quality. Comes with a zipper case for easy carrying while traveling.
Production Time5 - 7 Working Days
as low as $49.95
Price (R)$59.95$56.95$54.95$52.95$49.95

Laser Engraving:
1 Location Laser engraving setup $50(V).
Laser Engrave $31.25 (V) Repeat setup.

Product description

The Tranq Lite Noise-Cancelling headphones will bring you tranquility by blocking out unwelcomed distractions and interruptions. It's a fashionable wireless headphone design that fits comfortably while you enjoy its high-definition sound quality. Great for daily use, whether when you need to focus while working from home, studying, getting through daily chores, or just enjoying a tranquil moment with your favorite playlist.

With a sharp laser engraved print on the left and right sides of the headphones, it's a great way to display a brand. Plus, it comes with a fashionable headphone case and is neatly packed in a stylish retail-design box.

  • Beach
  • Business
  • Camping
  • Entertainment
  • Fishing
  • Home Office
  • Library
  • Music
  • Office
  • Organization
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Work From Home
Product Dimensions
Part Headphones
Height 7.75"
Length 6.5"
Width 3"
Imprinting Details
Part Headphones
Imprint Laser Engraved
Location Right and left sides
Length 1.5"
Width 1.5"
Decoration Templates
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