A great way to demonstrate your appreciation and help protect your social network's privacy.
Production Time5 - 7 Working Days
as low as $3.75
Price (R)$4.45$4.15$3.95$3.75
  • Setup $125 V included 4CP printed letter and 4CP print on webcam cover
  • USPS Postage included (no tracking #)
  • Production time 5-7 Business Days Price includes full-color printed packaging and is available for your custom brand design needs.
Product description

Demonstrate our appreciation to those who support our brands with a thoughtful message. That's why we developed the Custom Branded Greeting Card with Webcam Cover. As we depend more on our webcams for webinars, telehealth, meetings, and presentations, having a webcam cover is a necessary tool to help protect our privacy from insidious hackers. The Custom Branded Greeting Card is a great way to stay connected and help protect your social network's privacy.

Our team will assist with customizing the full-color card design and mail the card to your network. Simply provide us with a list of people and when your network unfolds their card, they will find a nice message and webcam cover attached inside. 

Product Dimensions
Part Webcam Cover
Width 1.26"
Height 0.51"
Thickness 0.05"
Part Card
Length 5.5"
Width 3.5"
Imprinting Details
Part Webcam Cover
Imprint Full-Color Digital Print
Location Front
Length 1.26"
Width 0.51"