A great way to demonstrate your appreciation and help protect your social network's privacy.
Production Time5 - 7 Working Days
as low as $2.75
Price (R)$3.45$3.15$2.95$2.75

Setup $125 V included 4CP printed letter and 4CP print on webcam cover

Production time 5-7 Business Days Price includes full-color printed packaging and is available for your custom brand design needs.

Product description

Demonstrate our appreciation to those who support our brands with a thoughtful message. That's why we developed the Custom Branded Greeting Card with Webcam Cover. As we depend more on our webcams for webinars, telehealth, meetings, and presentations, having a webcam cover is a necessary tool to help protect our privacy from insidious hackers. The Custom Branded Greeting Card is a great way to stay connected and help protect your social network's privacy.

Our team will assist with customizing the full-color card design.

Product Dimensions
Part Webcam Cover
Width 1.26"
Height 0.51"
Thickness 0.05"
Part Card
Length 5.5"
Width 3.5"
Imprinting Details
Part Webcam Cover
Imprint Full-Color Digital Print
Location Front
Length 1.26"
Width 0.51"