#2046Security Kit in Candy Wrapper

Production Description:
Don’t get hacked! Protect your personal and professional life with our conveniently packaged security kit. We assembled crucial protective security measures any active professional would require. This kit will help you maintain visual and data privacy and is featured in a custom branded candy wrapper package. Each kit comes with a webcam cover, Connect Plus 3-in-1 cable (#2741), and RFID shield, each of which is branded for your project's needs.

  • Webcam cover: shields built-in computer, laptop, or tablet cameras when not in use  
  • Connect Plus 3-in-1 Secure Charging Cable: charges your device while blocking data transfer to protect your personal information so that you can securely charge from any USB power ports.
  • RFID Shield: Place it in your wallet next to your credit cards to prevent unauthorized scanners from getting your credit card information
Product Details:
Production Time5 - 7 Working DaysPackage3.25 x 7 x 0.625
Price (R)$13.99$12.99$11.99$10.99$9.99

Setup: $125 (V)

Setup Includes: Full-Color branded wrapper, one location laser engraving on cable, full-color print on webcam, and full-color print on RFID card

Product Dimension: